Sunday, December 16, 2007


We're in Cairo Egypt now filming our next 2 episodes of HIP HOP NA... the city is amazing.. but the production crew here is soo unorganized and unexperienced that it has made filming no fun. But we filmed at the pyramids today so that made the day go by easier!.. enjoy the photo.



PunkCandy said...

hi FredWrick , how r u ?
i know u dont know me hehe , i was checking out ur blog , its cool

i love the way u work so hard to make everything perfect

i just watched hiphopna .. i was hoping u come to kuwait sometime , its not that far lol :p

umm i dont sign in here alot cuz i dont know how to work on this blog as u can see my blog is so empty lol, so i wish u could reply in some way

this is my email address:

good luck with the shooting

Badr said...

love the cairo episodes, as you said you could have made an entire season in how you used the Oud in the intro of Omar's song.

Elias said...
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Elias said...
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Anonymous said...

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