Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hip Hop Na Grand Finale

Season 1 is over.. i wanna thank all the artists that participated.. im really proud of what we did.. we opened the door for arab artists in the middle east, and we really had some talented kids.. cant wait to see what we find next year.. and cant wait for the HIP HOPNA soundtrack to come out..



Fenridal said...

See Here or Here

Critical_Thinker said...

Loved the Finale and the whole show. Seriously my dude, you are one talented producer, for every country you created the perfect beat which fit it, I didnt realize that till the finale when the artists were performing their songs. Can't wait for the soundtrack (I'm definitely copping that) and season 2.

Much luv

Kazilar said...

See here or here

MaNCaLLeDPuCk said...

Hey Fred, the show kicked some serious ass man, and i know all along that boflot is the winner, he's just hot man!
next year will be an extremely hot season if you come to jordan, that's a promise man ;)

Kalar said...
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