Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ok.. ive had about enuff now.. without naming any names... any artist that uses Auto-Tune to sound like Cher is a BITER!.. Where the hell is originality!?.. When I was growing up, if you copied another persons style even a little bit you were a BITER!!... and nnoooooobody would ever want to be labeled as a BITER!..

For those that dont know what AUTO-TUNE is... its a plugin in Protools, that fixes your vocals so that they stay on pitch, and when u set the settings to the extreme setting, it gives you that fake Roger & Zapp sound. example: T-Pain, and many more!

So to all you rappers, and fake ass singers...(and even the real good singers that are doing it now too!)

Please stop fucking using that whack ass AUTO-TUNE plugin!.. Its played out! BIG TIME!

I have decided to delete it out of my plugins.

From now on.. anyone that uses it im gonna blog and label as a BITER!


Matt said...

I am glad someone credible is going on record about this. I totally agree. You tell'em Fred.

smartzee said...

yeah u right , everybody now in this industry thinkin is cool to use auto tune and sound like t-pain and all does !! whats up with shit!!!! i sign on this post...peace Fred

slidinandridin06 said...

OMG thank you so much for addressing this this it's like their trying to create a new genre of hip hop with this broke effect. I mean god damnit hip hop is not about following the trend just because you know it will sell you copies. Fuckin' teenage alcoholics.

patriotfan8112 said...

autotune is horrible it makes fake singers (t-pain) rich and anybody can use autotune FUCK IT

Anonymous said...

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Adal said...

Auto-tune voices playing on the radio make me feel like I'm living in some kind of 1984 nightmare where expression is a word on it's way out.