Thursday, July 24, 2008

Snoop Cancels Israel Show!

Snoop Doggs performance in Occupied Palestine has been cancelled because of "contractual differences". Im not one to put my friends in the midst of world politics. I serve only to educate them on things that they are interested in. And them knowing I am a proud Palestinian, automatically interests them in the cause and struggle of my people. Music is an artform bound by no border, nationality or ism. I hope some day Snoop will be able to perform in Palestine under better conditions. None the less im glad he is not performing there while the zionist/jews in Palestine, murder, terrorize and displace the indigenous Arabs (muslim & christian) of Palestine, under the zionist Israeli flag.


Sahar said...

That was great wat u did sno0p dogg .. ur my hero .. I LOVE U SO MUCH and IM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS .. UR AMAZING AND REALLY HOT =D

lin said...

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