Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beit il Hip Hop Finale

To The Fans!:

First off I want to thank everyone that tuned in, and got involved with Beit il Hip Hop this season. I originally came to the middle east to do shows like Hip Hop NA and Beit il Hip Hop to help boost the Arabic Hip Hop scene into the main stream. And already in 1 year it has made great leaps! Are feet are planted and the middle east and the world knows we mean business! Unfortunatly business sometimes kills the art.

This week everyone witnessed the Beit il Hip Hop Finale, live on Wanasah. The show was going amazing, and minus a few production problems, was one the best Arabic hip hop shows ever done. Mc Amin, Murder Eyez, and Rojeh are some of the most talented hip hop artists in the game right now, and all they needed was a little push to get them into the mainstream. Amin was already a well respected artist in Egypt, just as Murder Eyez is in Syria, and Rojeh has been doing his thing in Jeddah for a while now.

But I have to be honest and true to all the fans, because this music, and art is for the fans and the people. So this is the truth behind the Finale decision we all witnessed this week.

Before the finale began, we were told that the winner would be decided by SMS Voting. In any other country where the SMS voting is properly setup, and the video channel that broadcasts the show is transmitted across the whole middle east, this would have been a very smooth and fair way to choose the winner.

But knowing that Wanasah is mainly broadcast & viewed in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia, and after a few weeks of seeing that the SMS voting was not properly working in other regions like Egypt, Syria, etc. I decided that we had to make the voting for the winner more fair. Because honestly if we were only to rely on SMS voting, the obvious winner would be from Saudi Arabia. And this would not be fair to any winner. So I decided to bring in some celebrity judges to help with the voting.

The voting was then setup to be: from the SMS would be 1 judge, then each judge would also count for 1 vote. So essentially there were 4 judges to make it fair. All the judges were given clear instructions to judge UNBIASEDLY, and be fair. And I trust they would do so, that is why I specifically picked them, because I knew they would be professional.

Before the last commercial break, the production team brought to the judges the SMS votes. The votes from the SMS were 80% Rojeh, 15% Mc Amin, %5 Murder Eyez. Clearly from the percentages, my assumption was correct, only Saudi was voting, because the show is mainly broadcast & viewed in Saudi Arabia.

After sitting with the judges I asked all the 3 (Malikah, Fishawy, Hassan) who they voted for. And they unanimously voted for MC AMIN. I then told them to write the winners name in the envelope, and keep it available for Shadia to receive it after the commercial break.

I then returned to the stage, told Qusai and Shadia to get ready to announce the winner, and that the judges picked AMIN. I also went to the DJ (DJ RAMI) and told him to get Amin's song ready, so that it could be played immediately when the winner was announced.

During this time, someone from the Production of the show (who we still dont know who, because theyre were so many runners and assistants) came to the judges, and asked to see the judges decision so they could take the envelope to the production Van where the show was being broadcast, maybe to prepare the cameras and visuals so they would know who to focus on when the winner was announced.

What happened next is still very fuzzy even to me, and I can not put the blame on anyone person, but to blame the over all production, for not having a chain of command in place to follow is the most likely culprit.

Next Shadia took the envelope(LIVE ON THE AIR!) opened it, and saw that the envelope had the SMS VOTING RESULTS in it.. not the overall Vote from the judges. She then asked me on stage LIVE, to come look at the envelope, when I did I noticed the result was different from what the judges just told me. And before I could even stop, to double check and verify, the result was read, that Rojeh was the winner.

I want to personally apologize to everyone that watched the program, and to ensure everyone, this was not done with our knowledge or bad intentions. And I personally want to apologize to Rojeh, Murder Eyez and the

So the be absolutely clear the peoples choice winner from SMS's was Rojeh from Saudi Arabia.
And the judges choice was MC AMIN from Egypt. They are both winners.

At the end of the day not Beit il Hip Hop or Hip Hop Na or any video channel or record label can stop Amin, Rojeh, Murder Eyez, and You Balak(Yousef) from doing big things, making albums, and becoming stars. These guys are true Arabic Artists!..And they are ALL my brothers.. who as long as they are rapping will have beats Produced By Me & who's voices will be heard by all of us, as long as we support them, and support the whole Arabic Hip Hop Scene.

Truthfully Yours,

FredWreck Farid Nassar


Pucktronic said...

it's really sad how it turned out, when i heard that Amin didn't win i was shocked!
another thing that pissed me out is when the 4 finalists were chosen, i still want to know why Samm wasn't one of the finalists!!!

7aleem said...

yoooooo fredwreck maaaan i am ur no.1 fan but afta i read this i became like this man is right musically and personally 2 i have nuthin 2wardz u but respekt


GEMYHOoOD said...

You R the Man!!!

remi said...

well-said, appreciated fred for showing the truth.

Khaled said...

Welcome to the Arab world Fred, thats how things working here!

Sammy said...
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Sammy said...

I was really surprised that Amin didn't win. He's obviously not even in the same league with these guys. I don't like everything about him, but he's really talented. Gotta give him that.
Also, on a non-related note, you should explore the Palestinian hip-hop scene in the next season of Hip-HopNa. Some of the best Arab mc's come from palestine. My personal favorites are WE7 (wlad el 7ara:
And Ramallah Underground:

You should try to explore the scene in the occupied territories even if it means you have to go there withough Qusai. Trust me, it's worth it.

I also wanted to leave you with a graffiti logo I did for We7's studio (it says el-ta7t-ardy):

Got much love for ya homie.

مواطن مصري said...

اول زيارة بس انا شايف ان سوء لتفاهم الي حاصل دلوقتي ان لو امين قال انا هنسى الماضي و افتح صفحة جديدة مع بوفلوط الوضع هيتغير

لائن جمهور جمهور بوفلوط هو هو جمهور امين

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